Early Spaying & Neutering

I have a lot of clients asking is it safe to spay/neuter so early. Please read the following articles on research done and on all the myths on this procedure. If you have a breeder telling you any different they are not doing their research. Some vets that do not offer this service, is not because they disagree with it, it is usually they are not trained in pediatrics. My vet has preformed early spay/neuter for over 15 years with complete success:) Early spay/neuter is also recommended by The Feline Winn Foundation, The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), as well as The International Cat Association (TICA)! So why spend the same amount of money on a kitten from a breeder that is not altered?

Winn Feline Health
The Truth About Juvenile Spay/Neuter
Early Spaying & Neutering of Kittens


Click the link below and do all of your research on why cats should not be declawed!

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